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Typical Survey Incentives

Typical Survey Incentives

We offer a variety of gifts to thank you for taking part in our surveys. These include laser pointers, Barnes & Noble gift certificates, Starbucks coffee gift cards, Inova brilliant keychain microlights, or crisp new Euro banknotes. We try to find new items periodically to keep it interesting.

Recently though, with the inexorable rise in the cost of shipping, we have been trending towards gift cards instead of merchandise.

The amount of the gift cards varies with the length and complexity of the survey, but the amounts last year covered the range of $7 to $50 for completing a survey.

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Our limited edition designer T-shirts, with an appropriate message are very popular with some panel members. Here are a sample of several recent designs.
We frequently offer a Amazon gift certificates good for on-line purchases at Amazon.com, including books, music, videos, and much much more. The gift card can also be used for Amazon auctions and merchandise and is one of our most popular offerings. On global projects, we also offer amazon.com international affiliates for Europe (UK, FR, DE), as well as for Japan and Canada.
There is nothing like the appeal of a bricks and mortar bookstore. Visit a Barnes & Noble store and browse books, music, videos, and magazines while relaxing in comfortable chairs and perhaps while enjoying a cup of coffee. What a pleasant way to spend some quiet time away from the lab. With these gift cards, you can do this at our expense - or use the card online instead if your experiments don't let you stray too far away. Many of our respondents collect and save up these cards to use all at once. Others use each one as an opportunity to visit their favorite store again. Either way, you are in for a treat.
Many surveys also offer Starbucks gift cards, which can be used to purchase your favorite coffee drinks at your local Starbucks or specialty coffees online to brew at home or in the lab.
Perhaps our most popular single gift item is the Miracle Beam laser pointer. Quality constructed from solid milled brass that has been chrome-plated for durability, this laser pointer can be attached to your key chain and is ideal for presentations. A powerful Class IIIA laser product operating at 5 mW with a ruby red (645 nm) beam. Contains two LR44 button batteries. We have supplied thousands of laser pointers over the past years. Many researchers tell us they use these to give their cats an exercise workout as they chase the beam endlessly.
Start saving for that European vacation with a beautiful new Euro banknote. Currently worth more than the equivalent in dollars, this banknote will remind you to start saving for that vacation. It will make a great gift for a child you know, or keep it for yourself to enjoy its beautiful engravings and security features.
The Inova Brilliant LED Keychain Microlight is accepted worldwide as the standard for brilliant, miniature and reliable lights with hundreds of uses. It is the smallest brightest light, that fits easily on a keychain, carabineer, or flight suit. The flashlight measures only 2.3 x 1.7 cm yet projects a brilliant flood of light over an effective range of 8 - 11 meters, yet is visible from 1 mile away. The lights are supplied in an assortment of colors, including bright white, brilliant green, cobalt blue, and ruby red. The unit is constructed of crush-resistant polycarbonate and utilizes a gold-plated rust proof switch. It has a constant on/off switch or can be pressed for a momentary on. A stainless steel clip won't allow your light to get lost. The long-lasting lithium battery is replaceable. These are the 'new model' improved lights from Inova.

A popular recent addition has been the option to donate money to a selected non-profit organization in your name instead of receiving a gift. So far, we have sent money to the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, and the World Wildlife Fund.