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Learn More About the PhorTech Panel of Bioresearchers

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The PhorTech Panel of Bioresearchers

The foundation of our market research is ongoing correspondence with life science researchers who take their time to answer our surveys and explain their experiences with scientific products and processes. We value and protect their input. We never reveal their identity to our clients, and we are committed to faithfully reporting their concerns and criticisms, even though they may be directed towards our own clients. It is only by taking this stand that we can assure researchers that the products and services they rely on will improve in the future.

We invite researchers to visit our site to fill out on-line questionnaires and to review the executive summaries of our reports so that they can see what have been reported as the most successful products and suppliers in various categories.

PhorTech International maintains a segmented database individual life scientists worldwide with whom the company has corresponded for market research. In addition, the company maintains excellent relations with the trade press and scientific societies who provide access to their subscriber lists when required.

Of key interest is our sitting panel 50,000+ life science researchers worldwide with whom we can communicate within minutes via e-mail invitations to participate in web-based surveys. This rapid system makes possible collection of market research data in real-time and delivery of raw results within hours of fielding a survey - of inestimable importance in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Specialized Sub-Panels

In addition to the main panel of life science researchers, our work over the past several decades has enabled us to build smaller sub-panels in specific areas. These include:
  • Panel of analytical balance users in research laboratories
  • Panel of chemists including organic, inorganic, analytical, medicinal, and physical chemists
  • Panel of clinicians and clinical diagnostics lab workers
  • Panel of HPLC users in biotech and phama industries
  • Panel of laboratory managers
  • Panel of next-gen sequencing users
  • Panel of process-scale and pilot plant managers
  • Panel of purchasing agents
  • Panel of multiplex assay users and designers
  • Ask us about your specific requirements.