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What our Clients Say About PhorTech International

You are certainly welcome to contact any of our client companies and ask about us. To make your research easier, we have gathered together unsolicited comments clients have made as part of our market research requirements survey program. To protect our clients anonymity, we have identified specific comments only by the author's initials and general location. The comments are listed in no particular order.

  • Good data collection and accurate reporting of facts - J.W., Maryland
  • Objective analysis - P.F. United Kingdom
  • Good lists, market knowledge, raw data availability - S.O., Pennsylvania
  • We were very impressed with your presentation - A.S., California
  • Great presentation and graphics - R.S., California
  • Excellent service - A.P., California
  • The PhorTech reports I read while still at ABI were of good quality, in my opinion. - J.H, California
  • PhorTech has the potential to establish itself as the most reputable and knowledgeable source of market research services in the life science research industry. Provides quick turnaround time plus a willingness to provide personalized attention over the phone. - K.P, Florida
  • You are good.- J.W., England
  • Breadth and format of reports excellent.- D.C., California
  • For me, personal help and specific market information was excellent. - W.R. California
  • Surveys are designed and implemented pretty well. M. Eby is conscientous - he thinks about survey design and results - seems to question things to ensure product contains decent information. I trust Mike's ethics. - S.C., California
  • Provides better detail than the larger research houses, seems to understand basic markets better. - J.S, California
  • Good press relations, quality seems to be improving. - C.L., New Jersey
  • Segment specific reports in research/product areas of interest are well-done. Good turnaround on client-specific studies. - D.P, Massachusetts
  • Your reports proved to be an accurate reflection of the market. - B.F., New Mexico
  • I have always been very impressed with your reports. - P.W., England
  • Accurate segmentation of the market. - L.P, France
  • Well done, comprehensive - T.M., Maryland
  • Excellent quantitative data for life sciences lab products. - J.T., Massachusetts
  • In depth coverage of the areas you highlight. - A.R., Wisconsin
  • Excellent analysis of data. - S.S., New Jersey
  • PhorTech has been very helpful. The reports are always very thorough and the summary usually quite thoughtful. We are completely satisfied. - M.B., California
  • PhorTech excels in the areas of electrophoresis and DNA reagents. - M.V., California
  • Since you focus on the life sciences market, you know this better than other suppliers. - M.K., Indiana
  • Your surveys are offered in a good mix of specific subjects and overview formats. - G.F., California
  • While we would like to see more research specifically devoted to the European market, plus more on low-tech instrumentation, the scope of your reports is excellent. - A.Y., England
  • I think you actually have an insight into the market. - J.C., Virginia
  • We are pleased with PhorTech because of reliability - their market assessments agree with mine. They have excellent personal contact and are willing to explain their findings and methods. - D.T., Connecticut
  • M. Eby's knowledge of markets is excellent. - J.B., New Hampshire
  • Clear presentation of data, open response to telephone enquiries and requests for clarification or further analyses. - D.H., England
  • PhorTech caters to our markets, custom surveying is also good. - L.C., California
  • PhorTech offers results that fit to our needs. We are pleased with the actual data. The company excels in providing a lot of detailed information about small companies in emerging markets. - M.B., Germany
  • We are pleased with your reports because they are accurate (mostly), thorough, informative, and we like the product/customer improvement focus. We like the analysis (and comments), survey format, and topic of reports. - L.M., Nebraska
  • Well-developed methodology and they know the bio marketplace. - D.V., Massachusetts
We are happy to meet our clients at any time because there is nothing like a face to face meeting. Having said that, we have had some clients for more than a decade that we have never met in person - and still we generate the market research they rely on. We are nothing if not flexible.

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